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Pediatric Dental Exam in West Monroe, LA

Schedule A Pediatric Dental Exam at Snaggle Dental

The pediatric dentists at Snaggle Dental are specially trained to work with children, providing pediatric dental exams for patients in West Monroe, LA, and the surrounding area. By bringing your child to our welcoming office, you can address and prevent dental problems before they begin. Oral health is closely tied to one’s overall health, so it is important to practice good oral hygiene habits, such as receiving regular pediatric dental exams. Our compassionate staff and convenient office hours make dental care a breeze for you and your son or daughter. Contact us today to learn more about pediatric dental exams’ benefits.

Understanding the Importance of Baby Teeth

Baby teeth are critical to the overall health and development of your child. They allow your son or daughter to chew, speak, and smile freely. Additionally, they are placeholders for permanent teeth that are growing just below the gum line. Premature tooth decay or loss of baby teeth can leave a void in your child’s mouth that causes misalignment issues down the road. Empty space allows teeth and bones to shift, increasing the likelihood of problems or the need for orthodontic care. As a result, it is essential to receive pediatric dental exams early, beginning with the eruption of your baby’s first tooth but no later than his or her first birthday.

Your Child Should Visit Snaggle Dental Biannually

Your child’s first dental appointment at Snaggle Dental should be shortly after his or her first tooth erupts. This visit will comprise a visual examination of your baby’s teeth, gums, tissues, jaws, bite, and developments. X-rays will likely not be necessary, but we will check to ensure there are no signs of decay. Starting children with oral care at such a young age helps develop a familiarity with the routine, which will allay any fears or apprehensions about subsequent visits. Following the first visit to our office in West Monroe, we recommend returning twice per year. This allows our pediatric dentists to monitor any changes, perform regular teeth cleanings, and ensure complete oral health.

How to Prepare for a Pediatric Dental Exam

You want to make sure your child will be comfortable, so encourage transparency and be positive ahead of your visit. Seeing us at regular intervals will help establish a routine and rapport with our staff. Our office is warm and inviting to help make all children comfortable despite any pending procedures. We use minimally-invasive tools and methods for our cleanings, but even with all our precautions, your child may experience anxiety before, during, or after a visit. Snaggle Dental encourages you to talk to your son or daughter about what to expect, some of your experiences, and why it is beneficial. It is also important to embolden him or her to be open about any concerns so that you can address them the appointment. Feel free to also bring those concerns to the attention of our pediatric dentists. Our staff is specially trained to work with kids, so we are sure to be able to share our experiences and why there is no reason to worry.

What to Expect During a Pediatric Dental Exam

A pediatric dental exam will vary based on your child’s age and stage of development, but the goals will be the same. We will help keep your son or daughter comfortable by being gentle throughout the process, which will include a thorough examination of his or her teeth and gums for decay, disease, or other health issues. For babies, the pediatric dental exam will likely take place with your child lying on your lap. We will carefully evaluate overall oral health and remove any stains or deposits with a wet toothbrush or cloth. If necessary, we may offer fluoride treatment. Older children will receive full experience. We will ensure their comfort in our dentist’s chair and perform a complete pediatric dental exam. We will look for any cavities or tooth defects and repair them if they are present. We will also apply sealants to your son’s or daughter’s teeth that are susceptible to decay. As your child ages, we will discuss the importance of proper oral health between visits and assess the need for orthodontic treatment.

Call Snaggle Dental for A Pediatric Dental Exam Today

It is important for your child to visit Snaggle Dental for a pediatric dental exam at least twice per year. Our expert pediatric dentists will provide thorough cleanings, check for any abnormalities, repair defects, and impart knowledge regarding proper oral hygiene techniques, among other benefits. Having your child visit our office from a young age will also provide a foundation for long-lasting oral health habits that will ensure a healthy mouth well into adulthood. Contact us today with any questions, or fill out one of our forms online to request an appointment.