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Dental Fillings for Kids in West Monroe, LA

Like adults, sometimes your kid’s teeth need more attention than just normal cleanings and examinations. At Snaggle Dental, we can help with dental fillings for kids if cavities are present and must be dealt with. It can be a traumatic experience but our experienced and compassionate staff here in West Monroe, LA, have been leaders in the area for years. Families from all over the region have come to rely on us for getting their kid’s cavities drilled and filled. While the process is never comfortable, there are ways you can ensure your child doesn’t have a meltdown about the prospect of getting their cavities filled.

Staying Calm

It can be frustrating to learn your child has cavities that must be filled. While some of the root cause can be genetic, not brushing or flossing enough can also be the culprit. A poor diet with a lot of sticky, sweet foods that get caught in your child’s teeth and gum line can make cavities at inevitability. When your child has cavities, most of the time is obvious. They begin to complain about discomfort and pain in the teeth, which makes normal eating and drinking a challenge. It is important for parents to remain calm and understanding because the filling process can be anxiety provoking. “We are going to help get the sugar bugs out of your mouth, so your teeth are healthy” is a much better way to frame the issue rather than “you didn’t brush enough and now we have to go deal with it.” Remember, your kids rely on your reactions to most life experience, especially at a young age.

The Filling Process

The first step of the process is an examination of your child’s teeth to determine where the cavities are and where we need to fill and drill. At Snaggle Dental, we can do the examination and filling in the same session. For certain children, laughing gas is a great way to calm them down and reduce the pain. We can’t provide stronger pain relief for younger children, so it’s important you as the parents are in the room during the filling.

The Level Of Tooth Decay Matters

For certain teeth, tooth decay does not require a filling because the level has not reached the point where it will spread to other teeth. However, the teeth that remain in the mouth for years before falling out to make room for adult teeth need to be taken care of if tooth decay is present. Our team will do a full diagnostic evaluation prior to any fillings being completed to determine the extent of damage and the best way to proceed. We never want to unnecessarily do any fillings on your child’s teeth because the process can be involved and cause anxiety.

The Fillings Experts

No matter the prognosis of your child’s tooth decay, you can count on expert care from the moment you walk into our pediatric dental office here in West Monroe. Helping families understand the importance of a healthy diet and daily dental hygiene can go a long way to ensuring better outcomes.

Contact the pediatric dentists in West Monroe, LA, today.