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Child Tooth Extraction in West Monroe, LA

As we all know, losing baby teeth is a normal part of your child’s development. It is an exciting thing when your child loses their first tooth. Age old traditions of the tooth fairy have been at the root of making the process a fun and exciting experience to share with your children. At times, the process doesn’t fully work without some professional intervention. While rare, sometimes child tooth extractions with a pediatric dentist are the best course of action. For years, Snaggle Dental in West Monroe, LA, has been helping families with these procedures. If your child is experiencing discomfort with their baby teeth for any number of reasons, it is important to bring them in for an exam. There are times when a tooth extraction is necessary. We make the process simple and effective because we know it can be anxiety provoking.

Reasons For A Tooth Extraction

There are several reasons you child’s tooth might need to be extracted. As with all dental procedures, we only proceed when necessary because extractions are considered a form of surgery. If your child’s teeth are badly damaged because of an accident or some type of trauma, extraction might be necessary. Tooth decay that has reached a point beyond where fillings can help is another reason for possible extractions. In addition, extractions can be the best option if baby teeth are beginning to crowd adult teeth that are moving in. Extractions can help avoid orthodontic work down the line. Baby teeth that do not fall out and make room for adult teeth can cause a variety of complications in your child’s dental development.

The Tooth Extraction Process

While the tooth extraction process can be anxiety provoking for your child, the process is usually very straightforward and easy to execute. Our team at Snaggle Dental has years’ experience to ensure the procedure is a success. We use x-rays to determine the state of the bone and condition of the tooth’s root. After your child has been sedated and given a local anesthetic, forceps are used to remove your child’s tooth. The tooth is separated from within the socket and rotated so the ligaments are disconnected from the jawbone. During some extractions, there will be a bit of bleeding. This is totally normal and something you can tell your child about prior to the exam. Sometimes small stitches are applied near the site of the extraction to help with healing.

The Healing Process

Like all dental procedures, you should help your child take precautions to ensure the extraction is a total success. Avoid rinsing the area for 24 hours, then rinse with saltwater gently to keep the area clean. Avoid tough, sticky, and hard foods while the extraction site heals. Give your child Advil or Tylenol for pain relief as needed. If you notice anything resembling an infection or dry socket near the extraction site, please call us to schedule a follow up appointment right away.

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