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Professional Baby Dentists in West Monroe, LA

The Baby Dentists at Snaggle Dental Offer Infant Oral Care

Snaggle Dental delivers exceptional infant oral care for babies and youngsters throughout West Monroe, LA, and the surrounding area. Our baby dentists are specially trained to address the dynamic dental needs of children, so you can rest assured you are in good hands at our office. Our team of professionals boasts a background in the general field of dentistry but also has expertise caring for newborns and infants. We can provide compassionate care for your little bundle of joy while also offering information for in-home care that you can practice to maintain healthy teeth and gums between visits. Children’s mouths change quickly, so schedule an appointment with us early. We will help you understand what to expect as well as ways to facilitate healthy mouths and instill good oral hygiene habits. Contact us today to learn more.

Early Dental Care for Your Baby

Healthy teeth are essential to your baby’s overall health. Therefore, it is important to introduce oral healthcare techniques from birth, even before any teeth erupt. Snaggle Dental suggests always cleaning your newborn’s gums after feeding. To do so, you may use a moist washcloth. In the process, you can also gently massage his or her gum tissues. This technique may help reduce pain during teething, which will likely begin between four and six months of age. You can recognize the onset of teething because your son or daughter may exhibit red, swollen gums and extra saliva. You can also alleviate some pain by allowing him or her to chew on a cold, clean teething ring or a cool, wet washcloth.

When to Visit Snaggle Dental for Baby’s First Appointment

Baby teeth are critical to your child’s overall health and development. They help your son or daughter chew, speak, and smile, while also serving as placeholders in his or her jaws for permanent teeth that are growing below the gums. As a result, losing a baby tooth prematurely can lead to alignment issues because the bone and gums may begin to shift. To ensure your baby’s oral health, you should bring him or her to Snaggle Dental in West Monroe, LA for a first appointment as soon as the first tooth erupts, but no later than a first birthday. As soon as your baby has teeth, they are vulnerable to cavities. We will provide professional cleanings and help you understand ways to keep them clean and protected at home between visits.

What to Expect at Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Our baby dentists at Snaggle Dental will help put you and your baby at ease as soon as you walk through our doors in West Monroe, LA. We have specialized training for children’s mouths and can educate you about what to expect. During your child’s first visit, we will provide compassionate care while also checking to make sure his or her jaw and teeth are developing correctly. It is not uncommon for babies to be scared during the initial appointment, but our team is trained in child care, so we can help calm anxieties and complete each step of the process gently. However, by visiting a baby dentist early, you will significantly lower the chances of apprehension during future visits as your child ages. In addition to easing the nerves of babies, we can also help calm concerned moms and dads. Bring any questions you may have so we can answer them and provide advice on ways to promote oral hygiene at home.

Ways to Care for Your Child at Home

Snaggle Dental’s baby dentists are dedicating to lasting dental wellness, which includes a commitment to infant oral care at home between visits. We happily help parents understand ways they can assist in cavity prevention and healthy smiles. We will teach you how to brush your son’s or daughter’s teeth, how much toothpaste to use, and ways to recognize issues in his or her gums that may need professional attention. Our experts can also impart wisdom about teething, dental decay, and infant fluoride supplements that may be beneficial.

Contact Snaggle Dental for Infant Oral Care Today

Beginning your child on a path toward lifelong dental health starts with infant oral care at Snaggle Dental in West Monroe, LA. Our baby dentists will expertly clean your child’s teeth and monitor his or her oral health during the critical stages prior to the emergence of permanent teeth. We will also help you understand what to expect and ways to continue oral healthcare at home. Contact us today to schedule your baby’s first appointment.